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Liaocheng agricultural facilities and breeding equipment mainly refers to equipment used in agriculture and breeding. These devices can be used in planting, breeding, management and separation of substances, helping farmers improve production efficiency and quality.

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Planting equipment includes planters, sprayers, plows, etc. Breeding equipment includes automatic feeders, automatic hydraulics, sanitation and disinfection equipment, etc. Management equipment includes temperature controllers, humidity controllers, light controllers, etc. Equipment for separating substances includes filters, centrifuges, etc. The advantage of Liaocheng agricultural facilities breeding equipment is that they can automate the production process, reduce manual labor, reduce human error, improve precision and output, etc. At the same time, these devices can also monitor and manage the environment to ensure that the growth environment of animals and crops is in the best condition, and to ensure the quality and safety of products. Therefore, it is very popular in the agriculture and breeding industry. The pig fence is a common corral, mainly used to surround the pigsty or pig house to prevent the pigs from running out or being attacked by other animals. The pig fence is generally made of galvanized steel pipe or wood, about 1.2~1.5 meters high, and the length is determined according to actual needs. Generally, the size of the fence will be considered according to the number and size of pigs. The structure design of the pig fence should be reasonable, the strength should be sufficient, and the material should be durable and easy to clean. It can effectively divide the space of the pigsty and prevent the pigs from interfering with each other and fighting. At the same time, the pig guardrail also facilitates the operation of the breeder, makes the pig house more orderly, and improves the efficiency of pig raising. Self-feeding system is an advanced feeding technology that can help farmers automatically feed pigs. The self-service feeding system includes components such as automatic feeder, automatic weighing device and electronic controller. Pigs need to come to feed themselves according to their needs, and the system will automatically calculate the feeding amount and ration feed for the pigs according to the weight, physique, feed type, formula and other parameters of the pigs, which can realize scientific and precise feeding and improve feeding efficiency and economic benefits. At the same time, the self-feeding system also reduces the pollution of artificial feeding and pig house environment, and has a better protection effect on the environment.

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