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Laser products in Liaocheng mainly involve the following aspects: 1. Laser cutting machine: Some machinery and equipment manufacturing companies in Liaocheng produce and sell laser cutting machine, widely used in metal processing, handicraft production and other industries. 2. Laser marking machine: some electronic equipment manufacturing companies and engraving manufacturing companies produce and sell laser marking machine, used for electronic product identification, mobile phone case engraving and so on. 3. Laser rangefinder: Some equipment manufacturing companies produce and sell laser rangefinder, widely used in construction, measurement and other fields.

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1. Technology: Laser engraving machine enterprises in Liaocheng City have relatively advanced production technology and manufacturing technology, which can produce high-precision, high-speed, and high-precision laser engraving machine equipment, which is suitable for engraving, marking, and engraving of various materials. Cutting etc. 2. Market demand: With the increase of consumers' personalized demand, the market demand of laser engraving machine industry is also increasing. Laser engraving machine companies in Liaocheng can provide customers with customized engraving services, including patterns, fonts, materials and other options. 3. Industry competition: The competition in the laser engraving machine industry is fierce. Laser engraving machine companies in Liaocheng City need to continuously improve their technical level and product quality in order to win the trust of customers. 4. Development prospects: The laser engraving machine industry has broad development prospects under the background of intelligent manufacturing and Industry 4.0, especially in the application of home accessories, arts and crafts, gifts and other fields. The development of the machine industry provides better opportunities. In general, Liaocheng's laser engraving machine industry has potential and advantages in terms of technology, market and development, but it also needs continuous innovation and improvement to improve its own competitiveness in order to win more in the fierce market competition market share.

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